Cultural Value of Trees


Podcast and photo essay exploring our the importance of our relationships with trees

Rose was commissioned by environmental consultancy Lestari on behalf of Forest Research to create a new podcast and contribute a photo essay to a project on the Cultural Value of Trees Outside of Woodland.

Rose made a podcast with Dr Jos Smith and Dr Luke Thompson to discuss the Exeter Tree Tales Project, which the three had worked together on in 2016 in collaboration with Common Ground. The project explored the relationships that people in Exeter had with trees around the city, revealing the complex histories and emotions -as well as the practical differences – that trees have. Rose created an artist’s map, and the three made a book as a lasting proof of the value of Exeter’s trees in people’s lives.

The podcast accompanies two others made by Lewis Winks, featuring Guy Shrubsole and Miwa Nagato-Apthorp. You can listen to them all here.

Rose contributed a piece to a collection of photo essays for the project led by Dr Susan Warren. Other contributors included Joe Webster, Bryony Beige-Abbott, Stewart Taylor, Nicola Chester, Lisa Schneidau, Suzanne Cuppa, Nicola Davies, Jackie Morries, Volkardt Muller, Tom Hirons, Amy-Jane Beer, Nick Hayes, Miwa Nagato-Apthorp, Wyl Menmuir and Annie Tindley.