Aldborough Roman Town

2009 – present

Since 2009 Rose has co-directed the Aldborough Roman Town Project in North Yorkshire, with Prof Martin Millett at the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge. 

Through geophysical survey, excavation and research they have mapped the sub-surface past landscapes in and around Aldborough. This is revealing new understandings of life in the Roman town, as well as its role in the Roman North. 

You can read about it in their new book ‘Isurium Brigantum: An Archaeological Survey of Roman Aldborough in print or online. All reports and data can be found on the Cambridge University Apollo Archive

You can watch a lecture to the Society of Antiquaries on the latest findings here.

Rose is developing an innovative range of arts and engagement at the site, including a podcast, a film, Soundmarks, and a stone working day.

She worked with English Heritage on the new interpretation scheme at the site and museum. 

Aldborough Roman Town Project 2021 excavation. Image by Dominic Powlesland