Creative Practice in Museums

2021 – 2022

Rose was awarded a ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ grant from Arts Council England to spend time extending her creative practice within museum contexts. 

As an artist and archaeologist Rose is interested in how to tell stories about the past; stories that are often indistinct or invisible. How might creative practice be used in different ways to give audiences different routes into archaeological narratives? What are museums already doing, and what might be explored further? 

The project was set up in collaboration with curators at two institutions:

At the British Museum Rose spent time with Early Europe curator Dr Neil Wilkin. Together they investigated particular collections of material including Bronze Age beakers and Greenwell’s finds from the Yorkshire Wolds. 

At the National Museum of Scotland Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark (Curator of Early Prehistory) and Dr Fraser Hunter (Principal Curator of Prehistory and Roman Archaeology) talked through what has been learnt from the innovative use of art in the Early People’s gallery. Time in the gallery also led to discussion of how different narrative connections could be made between objects and how contemporary craft can bring new perspectives to different materials and objects. 

Rose is making new artworks based on objects and discussions at the two museums and continuing reflections with the curators about future possibilities. The work is designed to create new conversations with a growing number of museums and heritage sites.